A Love That Started Long Ago

I have always been a hands on person. My playschool report card stated that I was excellent at art. It has carried throughout my life. The love for jewellery in particular, started with an image on a magazine cover when I was in High School. I decided to go to art school at the Alberta College of Art and Design and finished my final year of study at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. I spent many years since then custom designing for many wonderful people and after all these years I still love what I do, I just do a little more of that designing for myself.

The Perfect Surrounding

As it often happens, I have come full circle and am back at the store I first started my jewellery making career at. I have now the opportunity to share a beautiful space in a charming, bright and beautiful house under the Adamas Goldsmiths umbrella. Here, we nurture the creativity and feature different artists as well as the jewellery I create under Hill Durand Art and Design. Join us in celebrating some beautiful things in life.

Own Your Style!

For me, Hill Durand Art and Design Inc. is about representing an individual and unique style. I love creating original pieces of jewellery and works of art that carry with it a small story. I am continuing to explore ways of incorporating my work into fashion, as well as into the home. I love surrounding myself with things that bring me joy. I hope you will find a little bit of that joy for yourself reflected in my work.

The company’s mantra is to “Own Your Style!”, to just be happy with yourself.

“Be Yourself because an original is worth more than a Copy” Unknown

Katrin Durand

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