New Work

Garden Delights

“Stop and smell the flowers!”

Inspired by the many beautiful blooms, blossoms, leaves, branches and such right in our backyards. These little beauties bring joy and tranquility in a normally busy life. It can be our momentary escape to a more peaceful place, free of stresses.

These jewellery pieces are a reminder of the joy and delight we should take time to enjoy. Small or large, let them be a reflection of  what brings you happiness.


For the Month of October, receive 15% off all merchandise!

In store at 11303 100 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Adamas Jewellery Design Studio.

Join The Family

We have shows throughout the year where we introduce new jewellery collections, new art work and collaborate with other jewellers and artists. It is a great way to see, feel and model some very distinctive pieces of wearable art.

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